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                      Welding nut series 304
                      Auther: Pubdate:2018-07-20
                      Our company produces M3-M8 per year, length 5-50, in line with GB/T 10432.3-2010, AWS1.1 or ISO 13918 standard specifications for energy storage welding nail, the material is low carbon steel or stainless steel SS18-8 optional, surface treatment copper plating copper plating or the original color optional, our company production of storage welding nail quality stability, strict inspection, since the market is far away from the market More than ten countries and regions in Europe and America are well received by users all over the world. Welcome new and old customers to come to our company. Welding nails and workpiece can be welded together quickly and efficiently. It can provide production efficiency, reduce production link, reduce production cost, weld high strength, do no deformation of workpiece and all kinds of positions can be convenient for welding and so on. It is more and more applied to locomotive and car and steam. Vehicle manufacturing, medical equipment, shipbuilding, chemical industry, electrical industry, instrument and instrument, kitchen utensils, metal utensils, hardware and other industries, parts, workpiece connection, fastening or packaging fields. Energy storage nails can be replaced by riveting or drilled tapping bolt den fastening, with a welding time of only 3-6 milliseconds, which can be welded to thin plates with a thickness of only 0.8 millimeters, not causing deformation, discoloration or burn through, and no damage to the paint or coating on the back of the welded workpiece.

                      Welding nut series  304
                      Material:Stainless steel 、Low Carbon steel、Brass、Aluminum、 Unit: mm
                      M3*6 M5*6 M3*6 M4*6 M5*6 M6*8 M8*10 M10*10
                      M3*8 M5*8 M3*8 M4*8 M5*8 M6*10 M8*12 M1012
                      M3*10 M5*10 M3*10 M4*10 M5*10 M6*12 M8*15 M10*15
                      M3*12 M5*12 M3*12 M4*12 M5*12 M6*15 M8*16 M10*20
                      M3*15 M5*15 M3*15 M4*15 M5*15 M6*16 M8*18 M10*25
                      M3*20 M5*20 M3*16 M4*16 M5*16 M6*18 M8*20 M10*30
                      M3*25 M5*25 M3*18 M4*18 M5*18 M6*20 M8*25 M10*35
                      M4*6 M6*10 M3*20 M4*20 M5*20 M6*22 M8*30 M10*40
                      M4*8 M6*12 M3*25 M4*25 M5*25 M6*25 M8*35 M10*45
                      M4*10 M6*15 M3*30 M4*30 M5*30 M6*30 M8*40 M10*50
                      M4*12 M6*20 M3*35 M4*35 M5*35 M6*35 M8*45 M12*15
                      M4*15 M8*12 M3*40 M4*40 M5*40 M6*40 M8*50 M12*20
                      M4*20 M8*15 M3*45 M4*45 M5*45 M6*45 M8*55 M12*25
                      M4*25 M8*20 M3*50 M4*50 M5*50 M6*50 M8*56 M12*30

                      NOTE:we can produce other size and special shape products according to the customers'requests outside this table.

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                      Material: stainless steel, low carbon steel, copper, aluminum


                      Unit: millimeter

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