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                      Floating nut
                      Auther: Pubdate:2018-09-10
                      Floating nut
                      Floating nut is applied to a thin plate or sheet metal combination nut, shape is round, with a nut inside, after combination can float.The shell side with embossed teeth, guide groove.Its principle is through the embossing tooth pressure into the preset hole of sheet metal, also in general and the preset hole diameter is slightly less than the pressure riveting nut embossing tooth, by pressure make the flowers of the floating nut tooth into the plate that generates around the hole of the plastic deformation, deformation were piled into guide groove, to produce the effect of the lock.Installation method with pressure riveting nut.But the production process is complicated, need automatic lathe processing, respectively, two components first, and then milling machine milling edges and combination.
                      Stainless steel floating nut

                      Floating nut from material into fast cutting steel AS LAS, stainless steel type AC LAC;Divided into locking nut from the nut self-locking LAC, LAS and non-locking nut type AC, the AS.The use of ring should be respectively in different environments.Specifications from the usual from M3 to M6.Self-adjusting function compensates for mating hole installation error, it has two kinds of locking and non-locking threads.Suzhou pan currently provides non-locking floating nut
                      Floating nut drawing                            

                      Floating nut specifications and installation video, right installation schematic attached:

                      Under the floating nut of the specifications of the attached list:
                      Metric of the specifications of the floating nut size table: MM
                      The floating of the specifications of the nut
                      American standard specifications of the floating nut: the unit is inches
                      Floating nut standard

                      Floating nut

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