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                      Millions of cars were prosecuted for wheel nut failure, Ford
                      Auther: Pubdate:2018-05-08
                      According to foreign media reports, Ford has been prosecuted by hundreds of vehicle owners for the failure of the wheel nut. The prosecution said that Ford's millions of Fusion, Escape, Flex, Fawkes, F-150 and F-350 are likely to expand and break out of the nuts, so it is difficult to dismantle and replace new nuts when changing their new car wheels.

                      Hagens Berman Law Corporation on Thursday said that relevant vehicle owners drafted litigation documents in the district court in eastern Michigan.
                      "We are not talking about the breakthroughs and computerization of the automotive industry," Hagens Berman, the Hagens Berman, said, "we are talking about the simplest part of the car, the nut. The low nut design of Ford nut causes direct damage to customers before putting the car's appearance in safety. It is reported that 2/3 of nuts are designed and manufactured with steel core and chrome, aluminum or stainless steel nuts.
                      "At a better level," Berman said, "the fault causes the owner to pay 30 dollars more per wheel when the owner goes to the repair plant, and also needs to buy a new nut; from a bad level, the owner of the car runs on a busy road, such as when the tire is leaking, it can't change the wheel."
                      So far, the owners of Arizona, California, Ely Noyes, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia have jointly signed the prosecution documents. The amount of the claim is determined according to the actual loss of the individual and the value of the car itself. In his speech, Ford said it could not respond to the decision not to prosecute.
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